Dress and Attire

Dress Code:

Laurier respects that members of our school community express themselves through their manner of dress.  However, staff and students must arrive in a manner that respects self, others, and the professional learning environment.

Students should wear clothing that is neat, clean and acceptable for a school setting. Clothing with bare backs, midriffs or that is too revealing is inappropriate.

 The following are not allowed to be worn in the school:

  • Clothing which displays or promotes materials or themes which are demeaning to any racial, gender, cultural or religious group, alcohol, illegal products, matters of a sexually suggestive nature, violence or any gang, or makes anyone feel uncomfortable
  • Bare midriffs and backs, see-through fabrics, revealing necklines and extremely short skirts/dresses/shorts are not appropriate. Undergarments (except straps should not be visible)
  • Appropriate footwear is required at all times except for specific activities directed by the teacher
  • Any dress/accessory that is recognized by the TVDSB Safe School Committee to be potentially associated with gang membership is not acceptable
  • All headwear must be removed when inside the auditorium for respect

Determinations regarding inappropriate dress will be made by the administration. Students who are deemed by the administration to be wearing clothing that violates the dress code will be asked to change or cover up the article(s) of clothing in question. Refusal or inability to do so will result in the student being sent home from school, and parents of the student will be notified.

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