Cooperative Education

Welcome to Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School's 

Cooperative Education Department!

We are very proud of the connections our students have made with community business and service agencies. Our students are carefully prepared for the world of work with a particular emphasis on safety and responsibility. Take a look at what our program involves and you too will want to participate in everything the coop program can offer! 

Here is how to register: Each student will apply for a job placements from connections they have personally made or with the assistance of the teacher.  Once a placement has been arranged, the student will work approximately 200 hours over a 15-week period according to his/her Personal Placement Learning Plan (PPLP).  Each student will be expected to meet certain employer expectations such as a willingness to demonstrate initiative, punctuality, responsibility, and teamwork. 

Each student will be responsible for communicating regularly with his/her coop teacher using email, daily log sheets, weekly journals, teacher/student meetings at placement, and in-class sessions.


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