Laurier Secondary School Guidance Department


                      Guidance Counsellor    Ms. J. Kleuskens      ext. 63062    (surname alpha A-G)

                      Guidance Counsellor    Mr. J. Kublinskas      ext. 63016    (surname alpha H-Mo)

                      Head of Guidance        Mr. B. Schneider      ext. 63015   (surname alpha Mu-Z)

                      Guidance Administrative Assistant          Michelle Illeman    ext. 63017

                      Student Success Teacher     Ms. Q. Dodge    ext. 63019

                      Learning Support Teacher    Ms. M. Torrens          ext. 63042  (surname alpha A - L)

                      Learning Support Teacher    Ms. N. McLennan      ext. 63034  (surname alpha M - Z)


How to Make a Guidance Appointment

When you are requesting an appointment, make sure you put your name on the appropriate counsellor’s daily sheet in the scheduling binder, located in the guidance office.  Fill out a blue appointment slip, and show it to your teacher, before you leave the class for your meeting.  This is the same slip your counsellor will sign at the end of your appointment to re-admit you back to class.




                    Student Success Teacher                         Ms. J. Kleuskens             ext. 63062

                    Attendance Counsellor/Social Worker       Mr. J. Tamusuza          ext. 63018 

                    School Support Counsellor                       TBA                                   ext. 63064 (Tues. Thurs.)

                    Public Health Nurse                                   Ms. J. Limburg                ext.63058 (Friday)

                    School Psychologist                                  Dr. Vanessa H.        


 Course Planning Sheets 

2020 - 2021

Grade 9 Course Planning Sheet

Grade 10 Course Planning Sheet

Grade 11 Course Planning Sheet

Grade 12 Course Planning Sheet


 Guidance and Career Education

Each student has an assigned alpha counsellor. Guidance Counsellors are available to provide students with educational, career and personal support throughout their high school years. Through individual assistance, seminars and presentations, counsellors will support students in exploring educational and occupational opportunities.  In addition, counsellors are equipped to help students work through obstacles /barriers and to assist students with transitions to work and to post-secondary education.  Grade nine students receive the additional assistance of Laurier’s peer helpers, senior students who are trained in communication skills.  Peer helpers assist grade nine students in orientation, tutoring, classroom support and one on one helping.

While in secondary school, students have many decisions to make regarding their future.  The guidance program and the career studies course provide Laurier’s students with practical information to help guide them in their decision making for both future courses and post-secondary plans. Parents and students are encouraged to attend information sessions on pertinent topics such as course selection and post-secondary options which will be held at Laurier and at other locations in the TVDSB.






  • Peer Helping Program
  • orientation/RAMS program
  • computer occupational search
  • in-class support
  • one on one support
  • tutoring
  • course selecton information
  • on-line registration
  •  Career Studies course
  • post-secondary and registration information sessions
  • on-line registration

 Presentations on:

  • graduation requirements
  • full disclosure
  • apprenticeships
  • post-secondary admission
  • scholarships
  • course selection information
  • interest inventories
  • on-line registration support


 Decisions Program

  • post-secondary information sessions
  • apprenticeship presentation
  • financial planning seminar
  • small group planning
  • scholarship information seminars
  • college/university visits to Laurier
  • city wide CIP and UIP
  • college and university application seminar
  • on-line application and support
  • OSAP presentation
  • on-line registration support






 Community Involvement

As part of the diploma requirements, students must complete a minimum of 40 hours of community involvement activities. These activities may be completed at any time during their years in the secondary school program. 

Students, in collaboration with their parents, will decide how they will complete the community involvement requirement. 

Community involvement activities may take place in a variety of settings, including businesses, not-for-profit organizations, public sector institutions (including hospitals), and informal settings. Students may not fulfil the requirement through activities that are counted towards a credit (cooperative education and work experience, for example), through paid work, or by assuming duties normally performed by a paid employee. 

The requirement is to be completed outside students' normal instructional hours - that is, the activities are to take place in students' designated lunch hours, after school, on weekends, or during school holidays. 

Students will maintain and provide a record of their community involvement activities. Completion of the required 40 hours must be confirmed by the organizations or persons supervising the activities. Documentation attesting to the completion of each activity must be submitted to the guidance office by the student. This documentation must include for each activity the name of the person or organization receiving the service, the activity performed, the dates and hours, the signatures of the student and his or her parents, and a signed acknowledgement by the person (or a representative of the organization) involved. The principal will decide whether the student has met the requirements of both the Ministry and the Board for these activities. 


Completion of Community Hours Document

 Supports and Services
Community Support - Mental Health

See the following sites/information regarding mental health concerns:

1.  Crisis - Crisis intake team 519-433-0334

2.  London Mental Health Crisis Line - 519-433-2023

3.  Mental Health Service Information Line - (1-866-531-2600)

4.  Child and Adolescent Mental Health Care - (519-667-6640)

5.  Family Service Thames Valley - (519-433-0183)

6.  Addiction Services of Thames Valley - (519-673-3242)


Community Support - Violence/Abuse/Hate

1.  CAS - Children's Aid Society - (519-455-9000)

2.  Sexual Assault Centre London - (519-439-0844)

3.  London Police Family Consultant/Victim Services - (519-661-5636)

4.  Women's Community House - (519-642-3000)

5.  Hate Helpline (519-951-1584)


Community Support - French Services/Newcomers/First Nations

1.  ACFO - Association Canadienne-Francais de l'Ontario - (519-675-3810)

2.  London Cross Cultural Learner Centre -  (519-432-1133)

3.  Across Languages Interpretation Services - (519-642-7247)

4.  N'Amerind Friendship Centre - (519-672-0131)

 Scholarships and Awards

2018 - 2019 Updates


Laurier Awards Student Profile Worksheet 2019-2020 


 TVEF System GRADUATION Awards and Applications related to Laurier S.S




TVDSB General Application link.      This is the application used for the majority of the awards available to TVDSB students.  Please use the TVDSB search engine to look for Sir Wilfrid Laurier S.S awards

 TVDSB Financial Application link.  Students should use this link for any applications asking or referring to financial need for TVDSB awards.  Please use the TVDSB search engine to look for Sir Wilfrid Laurier S.S awards




 HELPFUL WEBSITES  Einfo used for admission and scholarships related to Ontario Universities.  OSAP Government funding


Reminders to check:


Parent’s Work / Your Work / Volunteer Organizations

Corporations, unions or employee groups may have bursaries and scholarships for their employees and their employees’ children. Check with the Human Resources Department at your work.

Service groups such as Rotary, Kiwanis, Kinsmen and Masons can also be a source for scholarships.

Keep your counsellor informed, and come to Student Services if you need more information.You need to give your references time.  Please approach them ASAP even if it just to make a request.


Honours Eligibility

(Summer School grades will not be included in this calculation)

  1. Grade 9 & 10 must take 8 courses, and achieved an average of 80% or more
  2. Grade 11 must take 7 courses, and achieved an average of 80% or more
  3. Grade 12 6 Courses taken 80% average achieved or more

Award of Excellence- Same Criteria, must have a 90% average

It is your responsibility to send applications and submit necessary requests to student services in a timely manner.  Please make sure to have them time-stamped when you submit them to Student Services. 

Guidance Secretary in Student Services will help with Transcripts.  Transcripts and Credit counselling summaries available in Student Services, however expect at 48 hour turnaround             

Good Luck!



 Post Secondary
 Fall is the time that potential graduating students are getting ready for post-secondary destinations!  There are university, college, apprenticeship and workplace information programs running all fall semester into the spring semester.  We encourage all students to stay informed of all opportunities to learn about post-secondary choices by listening to homeroom announcements, viewing the digital info screens in the Main Office and Guidance, visiting their Guidance Counsellors, looking at the Guidance and Post-Secondary areas on Laurier S.S. webpage, and by checking the post-secondary bulletin board just outside the Guidance Office.   DECISIONS 2020 University and College Information Sessions Fall 2019 Please come to the Guidance Department and sign up for each session in the PINK binder! If you are interested in any events/information sessions being held at Laurier in Guidance or classroom, please sign up by 3 p.m. the day BEFORE the event. If the session is being held in Room 118 then no prior sign up is needed. 
University and College applications will be completed with Guidance support by early December.
Good luck researching and in your preparations for after high school!


 University Information Program (UIP)


To Be Announced


A schedule of Post-Secondary visits can be found in Guidance.

 Night School and Summer School Information


Night School Registration is open! Please note that students who have emailed their completed registration form to do not need to register in person on either of these dates.

  • Watch for dates               4 p.m. to 6 p.m. (in-person @ Wheable)
  • Watch for dates               4 p.m. to 6 p.m. (in-person @ Wheable)
Night School provides students of all ages an opportunity to obtain credits towards an Ontario Secondary School Diploma, improve previously earned grades, gain prerequisite courses for post-secondary destinations or employment, or to learn/perfect an international language.  Credit courses are offered in a face-to-face format and meet the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum expectations.
  • Students may only register for one class per night school term
  • Night school classes are scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Classes will be offered if there is sufficient enrollment
  • Please ensure that your Principal/Vice Principal has signed your registration form before it is e-mailed to
  • See below for links to a registration form and current course descriptions
What’s needed for Registration:
  • Completed Registration Form
  • An up- to-date transcript or credit counselling summary
  • Proof of Citizenship
  • Birth Certificate, Passport, Citizenship Card, Permanent Resident paperwork, or Landed Immigrant Status Card
  • Valid Photo Identification
  • Driver's Licence, photo health card, Ontario photo ID card, passport
  • Tuition for students who are not Canadian Citizens or Landed Immigrants is $1725 per course.
  • A $100 fully-refundable textbook/materials cheque made payable to: Thames Valley District School Board. Deposit cheques will be returned when all night school materials are returned in good condition.
  • CHEQUES ONLY. Cash for textbook/materials will NOT be accepted. Direct Deposit or Pre-Authorized Payment Forms will NOT be accepted.


Night School Registration Form



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