Art: Dramatic and Visual

Laurier has a well established Dramatic and Visual Arts program. 
In edition to our course offerings;

  • Dramatic Arts (Theatre Laurier) offers opportunities to network with theatre professionals in the community and to be involved in large scale theatre performances.
  • Visual Arts is involved in school beautification and community outreach. Laurier’s Art Club allows students to expand and apply their artistic skills.


Laurier’s English program includes both compulsory and optional courses. Courses emphasize the 6 Global Competencies, as well as the Curriculum Strands of oral communication, reading and literature studies, writing, and media studies. Grades 9 and 10 courses are offered in academic, applied, and locally developed levels, while Grades 11 and 12 courses are offered in university, university/college, college, workplace and open levels.

French Immersion

Bienvenue à Laurier!

At Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School, there are over 400 early and extended French Immersion students enrolled in our French Immersion program. The overall objective of our four year French Immersion program is to help students develop the ability to use the French language with greater fluency, proficiency and accuracy. Our immersion program offers a wide variety of subjects in French at all of the grade levels. To learn more about our FI Program please visit our website:


 View our Geography Department Website



Learning Support 

The Learning Support Department at Laurier works in partnerships with students, families, and the community to meet the educational needs of our students.  Our staff is dedicated to providing a continuum of supports and resources that will enable all students to achieve their goals.

Library Learning Commons

Welcome to the Library Learning Commons. The Library Learning Commons is located on the second floor in room 204. The Library Learning Commons has a vast collection of fiction and non-fiction print resources. The Library Learning Commons also supports student learning through the use of technology and online resources including the Virtual Learning Commons. Please click the link below to learn more.




Laurier's Music Program offers students an extraordinary music education and community building opportunity. The music program helps students gain lifelong friendships and experiences through our various courses, ensembles, concerts, trips, events, and more!

Music Department Contact: (519) 452-2840 Ext. 63029 


Welcome to the Laurier Technology Department. We offer a wide range of courses including Communication Technology, Transportation Technology, Manufacturing Technology and Construction Technology. These courses are ideally suited for Cooperative Education, Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Programs, and Dual Credit Programs. These programs can lead to a Specialist High Skills Major designation along with their high school diploma/O.S.S.D.  Please contact Matt Vine (Department Head of Tech) if you have any questions:
Technology Websites: 



Social Science 

The department of Social Sciences and the Humanities at Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School encompasses three distinct subject areas: Family Studies, General Social Sciences, and World Religions. All three areas explore ways in which individuals influence and are influenced by families, communities, cultures, institutions, and societies. The issues that students confront in our courses vary from the abstract and theoretical, to the everyday and concrete. Through practical, hands-on experience, as well as through discussion and debate, research and reflection, our courses help students become proficient twenty-first century learners. Our courses give real-life practice with the six global competencies, by encouraging students to become self-motivated problem-solvers, and equipping them with the skills and knowledge to face their changing world with confidence.





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